Our role

Today, real estate transactions are more complex than ever. Relying solely on capital appreciation to maximize value in real estate projects is not enough. Real estate projects must be constantly worked and reworked by an experienced team capable of revaluating and reviewing the asset with fresh ideas and new perspectives. Here at Colterra, our experienced team handles all facets of a real estate transaction including acquisition, due diligence, asset management, and property management.

Acquisition: All successful deals look obvious in retrospect

Most real estate professionals would agree that you make your money when you buy, which is to say that the greatest amount of value for an investment is most often created at the acquisition stage. At Colterra Capital, we source potential investments, thoroughly analyze each retained project in order to make our initial base criteria. If the analysis and financial modelling prove positive, we use our years of experience to negotiate the best possible purchase price. We then coordinate the acquisition process through closing.

Due Diligence:  The only decision is a fully informed one

Our experienced team leaves no stone unturned once in Due Diligence. We review all the related property data and continually verify the value of the asset based on the research and information discovered in the due diligence phase. When warranted, we negotiate a price-adjustment to adequately reflect the actual operations of the asset and maintain the feasibility of expected returns. In addition, we perform all necessary coordination and evaluation related to the potential acquisition including:

  • Negotiation, analysis and coordination of financing
  • Legal and accounting
  • Physical (structural and mechanical) and environmental inspections
  • Market analysis
  • Detailed review of all contracts and leases
  • Analysis of insurance policies and building conformity to by-laws
  • Financial analysis and projections

Asset Management: Innovative thinking to grow and protect your capital

Asset management addresses the global thinking required for the investment property or portfolio. It is strategic in nature and involves the continuing analysis and recommendations for property management, redevelopment, retention and resale. We constantly assess the real estate cycles and movements in valuation. Whatever the issue or opportunity, Colterra Capital is at the heart of the decision-making process with a well thought-out strategy.

We take care of all financial reporting to investors, including quarterly asset management reports, preparation of year-end financial statements and tax documentation, as well as annual budget analysis. In addition we manage all functions of an eventual disposition including winding-up all outstanding property specific obligations.

Property Management: Efficiency, courtesy and attention to detail

Colterra Capital’s property management team acts with a mandate to reduce costs, increase revenues and optimize building performance.  Best in class management is essential to maintaining and increasing the value of an asset. Throughout the management process, we ensure that quality tenant services are maintained and we understand the importance of courteous and long-term tenant relations. Our property management services include:

  • Marketing and leasing of space in the property
  • Negotiation and administration of leases
  • Management of insurance policies
  • Management of on-site human resources and continual building inspections
  • Negotiation, hiring and payment of suppliers and sub trades
  • Management of common area expenses
  • Management of work orders, tenant improvements and major repairs
  • Preventative physical management programs
  • Management of bookkeeping and accounting

Where warranted property management is contracted out to professional third party firms, overseen and closely supervised by our asset management team.